People ask me all the time "What do you do?"  I guess it is a bit confusing as I'm globetrotting at times during the year when working with Dentists and Sleep Apnea Patients.  I also do speaking and seminars for Women's Groups, Chambers, Newspapers, Television and Radio Stations but my local business is a bit different.
I work with Individuals, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Start Ups and everything in between.  You see I am a REAL BUSINESS CONSULTANT.  What do I mean by that?
Well I work with all types of clients - some projects are small - crafting a press release, distributing it to the media and that's all they need. I don't try to get a long term contract for a client who only needs help with a specific task.
I also assist with looking at where the client is advertising, what their message is and help them to evaluate if it needs to be tweaked or changed or perhaps in another advertising media.  
You see, I don't believe one size fits all.  Not every media outlet can get results for every customer.  It depends on so many factors and that's what I help small businesses figure out. "WHAT'S THE SWEET SPOT FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO HELP YOU GET RESULTS, A RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT AND KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING?"
  If you'd like to chat and see how I can be of service for you or your business give me a call at (337) 962-0947 or email me at mailto:queen@theqeenofnetworking.com?subject= to set up a complimentary Needs Analysis appointment.




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